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  • Does my cat need to be vaccinated?
    Yes, we require all cats to be vaccinated and at least 2 weeks clear of their last vaccine before boarding. The minimum vaccine you can get is the F3 and that's all we require. This is required annually. You may also get an F5 or F6 as this includes the F3 vaccine. Kittens must have had all required injections. An F3 at 8 weeks, an F3 at 12 weeks, and an F3, F5 or F6 at 16 weeks old. Kittens can board 2 weeks after their final Kitten vaccination schedule. Around 5 months old.
  • What do the cats have in their enclosure?
    Your cat(s) will have their own bed, scratching post, hammock, toys, fresh litter, fresh water and fresh food.
  • What do I need to provide?
    Everything you want to bring along is completely optional. If there's anything in particular your cat likes you're more than welcome to bring it. We're also happy to take anything of ours out of the suite and replace it with your belongings if you aren't happy with what we have. We try our best to cater for all eating preferences, unfortunately we do not provide Vet prescribed food, which will need to be brought with you.
  • What happens during a medical emergency?
    If it's not a medical emergency but we feel something's just not quite right, we will contact you to let you know, then after discussing matters, move forward from there If it's a medical emergency we will contact your vet first to let them know we are coming. If we cannot contact your vet, we will contact ours. If the emergency is outside of normal working hours we will take your cat to the nearest 24hr emergency clinic. We will then contact you on our way to the vets if we can or when we get there. Within your account you can state how you would like us to contact you depending on your time zone and we will do this as soon as.
  • What do you do if a cat doesn't eat?
    We tempt them with all things nice!!. We have been very lucky, cats usually eat within a short time of being with us. A little fuss and a few bowls of different types of meat and biccies is usually the way to go.
  • Am I allowed to visit my cat during boarding?
    Absolutely, just give us a call to organise a day and time that suits us both
  • Do the cats socialise with other cats?
    Sadly no, cats are generally quite independant and not very social with other cats. As well as cats fights being particularly nasty and difficult to separate it is simply not worth the risk. They do have little nose to nose contact if they want when they get their designated free time.
  • Can I view the facility before booking?
    Yes, we encourage you to come see where your furbaby is going on holiday while you're away on yours. You can book an appointment by either calling us or using the general inquiry form in the contact us section
  • I have 2 or more cats, can they share an enclosure?"
    Yes, cats from the same family also receive a discount for sharing a suite with one another. Keep in mind though if one of your cats is a fussy eater and one is greedy, it is difficult to keep them separate during feeding time. Check out our pricing here.
  • Do you do updates during their boarding?
    Absolutely! We want you to know that your cats are settling in great and are happy to provide updates via email or a phone call.
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